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Wed, 29 Mar 2017

Surrey Satellite Technology US Announces New Branding of its US Satellite Platforms

ENGLEWOOD, COLO., March 29, 2017 — Colorado-based Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC, the world’s leading small satellite innovator, announced the rebranding of its U.S.satellite platform products as “Swift” and “Condor.” Based on Surrey Satellite’s proven design and build philosophy that has been the foundation of its 49 missions to date, the Swift and Condor product family now represents the vast range of U.S. platform offerings that were previously designated by SSTL- and GMP-.

Based on a common core of avionics, the Swift and Condor platforms have extensive flight heritage and a high degree of modularity and flexibility for a full range of mission solutions from a nanosatellite up to a small geostationary mission. Like the names imply, the Swift is a small and agile low-cost platform, from 3 kilograms to 400 kilograms, while the Condor platform is typically larger, more robust, with added shielding, radiation-hard avionics, more power, and greater propulsion capability.
Though not exclusively, Swift platforms are suited to missions in low-Earth orbit, while Condor platforms are typically designed for missions in medium- or geostationary-Earth orbit or beyond.
Carol Thorpe, Surrey Satellite’s marketing communications manager, commented, “Swift and Condor are not new platforms, but rather a new brand representation of our U.S. platform products to more effectively communicate their features and specifications to the U.S. market.”
To learn about the Surrey Satellite Swift, visit To learn more about the Surrey Satellite Condor, visit
About Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC
Surrey Satellite is the world’s leading small satellite innovator with over 30 years of experience and 49 successful missions to date. For decades, Surrey has been changing the economics of space by providing cost-effective, full mission solutions through continual advancements in small satellite technology, applications, and services. Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) an independent British company within the Airbus Defence & Space group. Incorporated in 2008 and located in Englewood, Colorado, Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC serves the U.S. market.  | Twitter: @SurreySatUS

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Carol Thorpe, Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC