Telecommunications & Navigation

Telecommunications & Navigation Platforms


Surrey's telecommunication and navigation products have been designed to fill the market requirement for cost-effective, rapid-response small geostationary spacecraft providing solutions for filing protection, service start-up, capacity augmentation, and technology demonstration.

Our product range can offer a wide range of mission solutions, including:
  • Ku- and C/Ku-band
  • Mobile and military comms
  • Ka-band
Our platform designs deliver low CAPEX, low-cost launch, and low-cost operation.

GEO Product Range

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Common Avionics Across the Full Range
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Transfer Variant

Compatible with a wide range of launch vehicles:


  • Ariane 5
  • Zenit
  • Falcon 9
  • Soyuz
  • Proton

Surrey has developed the GMP-T platform with a central thrust tube and modular propulsion tanks (700, 760, 815 or 863 liter).

The platform has been designed to maximize capacity and performance and accommodates either industry standard or custom-built payload, including flexible antenna accommodation.

Key Platform Characteristics

Design life

up to 15 years*

Payload power available

Up to 5 kW (7 KW)

Payload mass accommodation

Up to 450 kg (700 kg)

Delivery schedule (recurrent)

24-28 months**

Flexible antenna accommodation

Top deck of 2 m x 1.7 m
Deployed up to 2.6m diameter - F/D of 1.2

* Plus 1 year for launch insurance purposes
** On ground delivery: schedule affected by payload delivery schedule

GMP-T Stacked

Key Platform Characteristics

Design life

up to 15 years*

Payload power available

Up to 3.2 kW

Payload mass accommodation

Up to 200 kg

Wet mass

1800 kg

Stacked wet

3600 kg
 * Plus 1 year for launch insurance purposes


Externally load bearing structure
  • Tremendous saving of launch cost due to compact size
  • Scalable solution that covers a range of power options
  • Choice of mission solution, without the need of extensive qualification campaign or significant NRE
  • Compatible with single stack or dispenser configuration
  • The structure can be launched using the spare space on a primary mission launch




Adaptor upper stage flight opportunity


A new affordable and reliable opportunity to deliver payloads to GEO orbit.

GMP-A is an innovative satellite platform that optimizes the unexploited spare capacity inside the adapter cone of the launch vehicle, under the primary payload.

GMP-A is designed to fit neatly inside the restricted space available, and has no impact on the primary payload or the fairing design. Once launched, it deploys antennae and solar panels and utilizes electric propulsion to complete the journey to GEO orbit, where it reconfigures the antennae and solar panel orientations for start of operations.