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Subsystem Products – fly the subsystems we fly!

We manufacture the majority of the systems and subsystems used in our missions. They are available to order and have been used extensively on a range of small and larger third party missions.

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Complete Satellite Suite
SSTL Avionics suite We can deliver a complete suite of spacecraft subsystems. As the configuration is used on various missions, this assures interoperability between units and provides a cost-effective solution. We can tailor the suites for specific missions and applications.

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A flexible configuration of attitude control sensors, actuators, wheels, star trackers, and control software to meet pointing requirements for cost-effective LEO missions.

We offer a range of wheels with different torque capabilities, designed for long life LEO missions. These are particularly suited to Earth observation missions where low noise performance is essential. All wheels feature an integrated electronic controller and include internal control software to support speed, torque, and current control modes.

Our star trackers provide precise satellite orientation in support of payload pointing. Two variants are targeted at lowest cost and best performance requirements. Star trackers comprise separate processing unit and sensor head, providing 3-axis attitude estimation and lost-in-space capability. Each star camera can be configured with a single string, dual redundant, or cross-strapped variant.

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GPS Receivers 
The SGR range of GPS receivers comprises several variants to monitor satellite position and velocity, and provide accurate time stamping.

  • Navigation for LEO missions
  • Orbit and position determination
  • Single base line attitude determination
  • Accurate timing and synchronization
  • Payload data time stamping
  • Post-maneuver orbit determination
1, 2, or 4 active patch antennae included as required

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GPS frequently asked questions
Onboard Data Handling
We offer a range of modular data storage solutions to support uploadable software applications such as specialist data processing and compression.

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X-Band Downlink Suite 
A complete X-band downlink suite for maximizing and managing downlink capacity on a small spacecraft consisting of:
  • High Speed Data Recorder
  • X-Band Transmitter
  • Antenna Pointing Mechanism
X-Band Transmitter
A high speed payload downlink transmitter, with switchable data rates between 10-500 Mbps, and various modulation formats.

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S-Band Downlink Suite
A complete S-band communications suite for telecommand, telemetry, and payload downlink. Patch or Isoflux quadrifilar helix antennae can be used to meet different coverage requirements.

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SSTL Propulsion
Hot gas systems based on xenon or butane and Surrey's electrically heated thruster. These systems provide high performance in a small volume and minimize handling, propellant loading, and shipping costs. These propellants prevent contamination of instruments, solar arrays, and thermal surfaces. Propulsion system includes electronic controller and firmware.

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