Mission Platforms


Robust, highly capable platform for telecommunications, navigation, and exploration

The Condor offers a highly cost-effective, scalable solution for the diverse requirements of missions in the harsh environments of medium-Earth orbit, geostationary orbit, and beyond (1000-plus kilometers). 

With added shielding, radiation-hard avionics, more power, and greater propulsion capability, the Condor can survive for longer periods of time and is compatible with a wide range of launch vehicles. 

The Condor maximizes capacity and performance to accommodate either industry-standard or custom-built payloads, including flexible antenna options. The Condor is the solution for customers who require a reliable, economical asset for their operational needs, including frequency filing and protection, service start-up, and phased capacity building through progressive deployment.

Technical Specifications*

Payload Mass (kg) 150 to 700
Payload Peak Power (W) 180 to 7000
Data Downlink (Mbps) Tailored to mission (X- to Ku-band)
Life (years) 5 to 15
Batteries Li-ion
Main Bus Voltage (V) 50
C&DH Bus Architecture MIL-STD-1553
Payload Panel Area (m2) Up to 2.6
Transponders 15 to 50
Schedule (months) 24 to 36
*Typical specifications; can be tailored to specific mission solutions 

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