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Swift and Condor Mission Platforms

Rich heritage. Proven experience.

Our Swift and Condor platforms facilitate a full range of solutions to meet our customers’ needs—from a nanosatellite up to a small geostationary mission. We have the capability to offer missions encompassing small, rapid-build technology demonstrators all the way through to fully operational geostationary telecommunications solutions. Based on our proven design and build philosophy that has been the foundation of our 49 successful missions to date, the Swift and Condor product family now represents the vast range of our U.S. platform offerings that were previously designated by SSTL- and GMP-.

Tailored mission solutions while leveraging proven technology

Leveraging our extensive mission heritage and proven technology, we baseline our Swift and Condor platforms on previous missions and tailor the solutions to individual customer requirements.

Scalable architecture

Surrey Satellite recognizes that no single mission is the same, and most customer requirements do not fit into a one-size-fits-all category. Our platforms are based on a common core of avionics, with a high degree of modularity and flexibility. This allows new developments, design techniques, and implementation strategies to be readily transferred from one platform to another as demand in size or capability changes.

The Swift is a small, agile platform, able to accommodate a wide range of payloads and suited to a variety of missions in low-Earth orbit.

Efficient, modular, and versatile, the Swift is compatible with various launch vehicles and offers cost-effective solutions and high-end capabilities for a variety of commercial, civil, and government applications: 
  • Remote sensing
  • Earth observation
  • Science
  • Space situational awareness
  • Communications
  • Technology demonstration
  • Hosted payload and ridesharing
The Condor is a larger, more robust platform best suited for missions in medium-Earth orbit, geostationary orbit, and beyond.

Designed to operate in harsh environments, the Condor has added shielding, radiation-hard avionics, more power, and greater propulsion capability.

The Condor offers flexible, cost-effective solutions to meet a wide range of real-world applications:
  • Security and defense
  • Communications
  • Navigation
  • IP broadband web connectivity
  • Broadcast—DTV, DTH and high definition
  • Weather monitoring and forecasting

Smaller satellites
LEO orbit 
Lower program cost
Shorter life 
Larger satellites
MEO and GEO orbits
Higher program cost
Longer life

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