Professional Engineering Services Rates

Surrey is the world’s leading small satellite manufacturer. We can provide you with cradle-to-grave engineering solutions to support the design, development, management, and operation of your space assets.

Professional Engineering Capabilities

Our team boasts a wide range of engineering and design experience, honed on a wide range of missions from Cubesats and small satellites through to larger-scale science and defense missions. We also have detailed knowledge and experience of spacecraft subsystems and avionics, payloads and groundstations.

Our world-class knowledge base will be efficiently coordinated and delivered to accomplish your objectives by Surrey’s reliable project, program and operational capabilities.

Approved Government Rates
Surrey Schedule 70 SIN 132-51 Hourly rates for Professional Services
At Surrey Premises, Without Industrial Funding Fee
  Year 1, commencing
15th March 2012
Year 2, commencing
15th March 2013
Year 3, commencing
15th March 2014
Year 4, commencing
15th March 2015
Year 5, commencing
15th March 2016
System Engineer I $83.63 $86.14 $88.72 $91.38 $94.13
System Engineer II $141.93 $146.19 $150.57 $155.09 $159.74
Program Manager $191.17 $196.91 $202.81 $208.90 $215.16

Engineering Solutions
  • System-level technical continuity and consistency throughout your mission lifecycle
  • Early-phase mission concept and mission feasibility studies
  • Requirements capture and requirements definition exercises
  • Mission trades to achieve the optimal balance of technical performance, cost, schedule and risk
  • System modelling and simulations
  • Definition of Concept of Operations
  • Satellite and subsystem design and manufacture
  • Satellite Assembly, Integration and Verification,
  • Satellite Launch, In-Orbit Verification and Spacecraft Operations
  • Payload and subsystem design and development
  • Payload accommodation exercises
  • Ground segment infrastructure design and implementation
  • In-orbit demonstrations using Surrey’s in-orbit assets and capabilities

Mission Applications
  • Earth Observation (Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar systems)
  • Science missions
  • Constellations
  • Security and Surveillance missions
  • GNSS
  • Interplanetary missions

Professional Engineering Services Enhanced Options
  • We can locate our team at your offices to facilitate real-time exchange and cross-fertilization of ideas.
  • We can provide additional skill sets, such as Project Managers, Subject Matter Experts and Assembly, Integration and Verification engineers.

Creating value for our Commercial Partners

Our Professional Engineering Services are also available to non-Government customers, and to other GSA schedule-holders who would like to team with Surrey to deliver competitive advantages to their end customers.

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