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How to Order Products and Services on Surrey Online

This page explains how to order any of the off-the-shelf products (“Products”) or maintenance, repair or other standard services (“Services”) listed on our Surrey Online Web site. Please read these instructions carefully before ordering any Products or Services from Surrey Online. You should understand that all orders for Products and Services are subject to the contracting process described below and that all Products and Services are provided under the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions set forth below.

Who We Are

Surrey Online is a Web site owned and operated by Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC (“SST-US”). SST-US is a Delaware limited liability company with offices located at 8310 South Valley Highway, 3rd Floor, Englewood, Colorado, USA 80112. SST-US is a subsidiary of Surrey Satellite Technology Limited, a company registered in England and Wales (“SSTL”). SSTL is not responsible for Surrey Online.

Who May Purchase Products and Services at Surrey Online

To purchase Products or Services at Surrey Online, a company must become a SST-US registered customer (“Customer”) as follows:

  • Registration. Customers must register at Surrey Online by creating a customer account (“Customer Account”) and providing the information requested by SST-US in an accurate and complete manner. Customers must complete the registration process on the registration form before placing an order request, but registering does not obligate Customers to place an order. 
  • Acceptance of Registration. Customer’s registration for a Customer Account is subject to acceptance by SST-US. SST-US will notify Customer, via email to the email address Customer provides during the registration process, whether its registration has been accepted. SST-US will contact Customer if SST-US requires additional information to verify Customer’s identity or otherwise determine whether Customer is eligible to purchase Products and Services using Surrey Online. SST-US is under no obligation to accept registration requests and may decline them or cancel any registration request previously accepted at any time in its sole and absolute discretion and without liability. Customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of its user name and password and other Customer Account information and will be responsible for any use of Surrey Online by any party using Customer’s username and password.
  • United States Domicile. Customer must be a company organized and domiciled in the United States. If your company is located outside the United States, we invite you to visit SSTL’s Web site at Products will be shipped and Services will be provided only to Customer locations in the United States. SST-US does not sell to individuals on Surrey Online.
  • No Legal Impediments. SST-US must be able to verify that there are no legal impediments to selling Products or providing Services to Customer, such as under applicable United States government export and other regulations that prohibit sales to certain parties in the United States.
  • Entering into a Contract. Customer must enter into a purchase contract with SST-US as provided below.

How a Contract is Formed Between Customer and SST-US

Placing an Order Request. Once Customer’s registration has been completed and accepted and a Customer Account created, Customer may place order requests through Surrey Online. To place an order request, Customer must

  • login to its Customer Account on Surrey Online
  • using Surrey Online, select the Products and Services to be purchased and complete the online form indicating where and how the Products are to be shipped or where the Services are to be provided
  • confirm the purchase price and payment terms indicated on Surrey Online
  • select a desired method of payment from the options available on Surrey Online and provide all required payment information
  • print the copy of the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions (available to registered Customers), and have them signed by Customer’s authorized representative
  • submit the signed copy of the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions to SST-US in one of the following ways
    • by fax to: 303-792-2386
    • by emailing an electronic image (e.g., in PDF or TIFF format) to:
    • by mail to: 345 Inverness Drive South, Suite 100, Englewood, Colorado 80112
  • if Customer’s procedures require that it submit a purchase order to purchase Products or Services, submit the purchase order with the signed copy of the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions
  • make and retain a copy of the signed Surrey Online Terms and Conditions and any other items submitted to SST-US
Notification that an Order Request Has Been Received. SST-US will notify Customer via email when Customer’s order request has been received and will indicate whether any additional information is required. Please note that this notice does not mean that SST-US has accepted Customer’s order. Customer’s order request constitutes an offer by Customer to SST-US to purchase the Products and Services indicated in the order request.

Notification that an Order Has Been Accepted. All order requests are subject to acceptance by SST-US, and SST-US will confirm such acceptance by returning to Customer a copy of the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions that is countersigned by an authorized representative of SST-US, along with a copy of Customer’s confirmed order (a “Confirmed Order”). The countersigned copy of the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions and the Confirmed Order will be sent to Customer via email as a PDF attachment. When Customer receives this PDF attachment by email, a contract will have been formed between SST-US and Customer consisting of the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions and the Confirmed Order (the “Contract”). Customer’s payment will be processed when Customer has received the Contract. No Products will be shipped and no Services will be provided until any required down payments and milestone payments for the Products and Services have been received by SST-US. Any terms and conditions included on any purchase order or other document submitted to SST-US by Customer are void and do not become a part of the Contract.

Covered Products. The Contract will relate only to those Products and Services identified in the Confirmed Order. Shipment may take place in installments depending on the Products ordered.

Conflicts. In the event of a conflict, the Confirmed Order controls over the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions; provided, however, that the Confirmed Order shall not be interpreted in any way to modify or limit any exclusion of warranties or limitations of liability contained in the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions.

Process if Customer Objects to any Terms and Conditions. Customer may not modify the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions in any manner before signing and submitting them to SST-US. If Customer objects to any of the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions, Customer may notify SST-US of its objection by email to before signing the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions. SST-US will notify Customer by return email whether Customer’s requested change(s) to the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions can be accommodated and if there will be any changes to the price, payment schedule, delivery schedule or otherwise as a result. If any such requested changes are accepted by SST-US, SST-US will email Customer a revised copy of the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions with Customer’s requested changes incorporated. Customer may then sign and return to SST-US the revised copy of the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions. Any accepted changes will apply only to the related order and not to future orders unless SST-US expressly indicates otherwise.

Changes to Surrey Online Terms and Conditions

SST-US has the right to revise and amend the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions from time to time to reflect changes in market conditions affecting its business, changes in technology, changes in payment methods, changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements and changes in its system's capabilities. Customer will be subject to the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions in effect when Customer receives a Confirmed Order, unless any change to the Surrey Online Terms and Conditions is required to be made by law or governmental authority (in which case the change will apply to Confirmed Orders).

Order Fulfilment

Unless expressly indicated otherwise, prices for Products and Services are stated in United States dollars and exclusive of taxes, shipping and insurance charges.
Despite SST-US’s best efforts, some of the Products or Services listed on Surrey Online may be incorrectly priced as a result of administrative or other error. SST-US will normally verify prices when confirming an order request so that, when the correct price of a Product or Service is less than the SST-US stated price, SST-US will charge Customer the lower amount. If the correct price of a Product or Service is higher than the price stated on Surrey Online, SST-US will normally, in its discretion, either contact Customer for instructions before accepting the order request, or reject the order request and notify Customer of the rejection. SST-US is under no obligation to provide a Product or Service to Customer at an incorrect lower price, even after SST-US has issued a Confirmed Order.

All order requests are subject to Product availability. SST-US reserves the right to withdraw any Products or Services from Surrey Online at any time before it provides Customer a Confirmed Order, and it will not be liable to Customer, or anyone else, for withdrawing Products or Services.


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