Hosted Payload Opportunities

Surrey's hosted payload missions offer rapid, regular, and flexible commercial rideshare opportunities for a wide range of payloads and mission objectives.

Surrey has a proven track record in providing affordable access to space, and has been engaged in the hosting of payloads and facilitating ride shares for over 25 years. Our track record encompasses the accommodation of customer payloads on our satellite platforms, as well as filling launch vehicle manifests.

Our hosted payload customers will benefit from reliable, low-risk access to orbit, to rapidly and cost-effectively space-qualify new technology, gain flight heritage, acquire mission experience, generate in-orbit data, and provide mission continuity capability, without the need to procure a costly dedicated  launch.

Our hosted payload missions provide a simpler way for the U.S government and commercial
organizations to deliver payloads to orbit.

Our platforms can fly a wide range of payloads for
different applications, including space and Earth science and monitoring, observation, technology demonstration, communications and frequency filing protection.
Our successful hosted payload approach has been used on many previous LEO and MEO missions such as GIOVE-A, UKDMC-2eV-1, Sapphire, and TechDemoSat-1,

Our flexible heritage platforms can accommodate a wide range of different payloads and their short production timescales allow more time for payload
definition and delivery.

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