NigeriaSat-X Mission Objectives
The NigeriaSat-X satellite will be used primarily for resource management and mapping of the Nigerian territory and is designed to:

  • Provide 22 m multispectral image data for mapping, agricultural monitoring, and disaster relief.
  • Provide data continuity and interface with NigeriaSat-1
  • Enhance national human resources to use space applications and to develop Nigerian capability in space

The NigeriaSat-X spacecraft is based on the SSTL 100 platform and provides:

• 22 m GSD, multi-spectral, 600 km swath
• Red, Green, Near Infrared spectral bands



NigeriaSat-X was used as a Training Model spacecraft for the team of Nigerian engineers who participated in Surrey's training and development programme. Over a period of 18 months, the Nigerian engineers were based at SSTL in the UK and were involved in the design, manufacture and test phases of the NigeriaSat-X spacecraft in a controlled real project, real engineering environment where mistakes are costly!