Telecommunications & Navigation

Telecommunications & Navigation Payloads

Communications Payloads

Surrey has the capability to offer a full complement of communications products ranging from complete end to end systems, through platform or payload provision to subsystem equipment supply. Complete solutions are offered across the GEO and LEO navigation product ranges with rapid schedules and low costs.

Communications links for small satellites must be efficient as well as reliable. Surrey's solutions draw upon extensive research into efficient power amplification and modulation to get the most data transfer for every watt-hour consumed.

Surrey can supply the following communications payloads

  • Regional Ka band broadband application
  • Steerable Ka band spot application
  • Global Ku and C band application
  • Regional Ku band application
  • UHF global coverage for stationary and mobile military communications
  • S-band multi-spot for mobile communications
  • S-band power amplifiers
  • S-band quadrifilar helix antenna
  • S-band patch antenna
  • S-band receiver
  • S-band transmitter
  • VHF receiver
  • UHF transmitter
  • X-band transmitter

For datasheets on these payloads, visit our Subsystems pages.

GIOVE-A under testNavigation Payloads

Surrey developed and delivered the first operational payload for Europe's satellite-supported navigation program as part of its GIOVE-A mission launched in 2005. The payload provides all the required navigation signals to the required specifications to allow a complete global navigation service.

As well as the demonstration of Surrey's capability for navigation payloads and missions, this was also a significant step in demonstrating that our approach is applicable to the availability of critical services such as communications and operations in demanding, high-radiation environments

Surrey is supplying 22 navigation payloads for the deployment phase of Europe's satellite-supported navigation system. Surrey is teamed with OHB–System of Bremen, Germany, for the provision of these fully operational  satellites with OHB taking the role of prime contractor and builder of the spacecraft “bus” and Surrey taking full responsibility for the navigation payloads onboard the satellite that will form the heart of the navigation system. Surrey’s payload solution is based on European sourced atomic clocks, signal generators, high-power TWTAs and Antennas.