Telecommunications & Navigation

Telecommunications & Navigation – Applications

Surrey's geostationary product range of reliable small satellites is designed to provide flexible, cost-effective options to meet a wide range of real-world applications.  Our proven architecture, used across all our spacecraft, is designed to meet mission lifetime and performance requirements across all applications.

Security and defense communications

Surrey rapidly delivers systems offering portable, transportable, or permanent communications for overseas or homeland security. For dedicated military use, X-band systems can be supplied, compatible with a range of widely available terminal equipment.


Our highly reliable communications systems provide connectivity between densely populated regions as well as broadband data services between VSATs and Gateway Hub stations.


Our entry level GMP-D satellite is also suitable for non-geostationary communications and navigation applications. Surrey's proven reliability and design capability has been recognized by ESA in the award of the contract for 14 GNSS satellite payloads due for launch from 2013.

IP Broadband Web Connectivity

High data rate broadband services can be quickly and cost-effectively put in place, enabling such services as Distance Learning and Telemedicine across wide areas.

Broadcast – DTV, DTH and High Definition

Surrey's small satellite systems can quickly be operational to offer full digital TV capability either Direct to the Home or via distribution.  All HD formats can be supported.