Telecommunications & Navigation

Telecommunications & Navigation Platforms


400–1000 kg Direct Injection Orbit

Ideal for shorter duration missions, the GMP-D is our entry level platform. The low launch mass and Surrey's rapid schedule offers customers cost-effective delivery of small payloads into geostationary orbit, exploiting occasional low-cost direct injection launch opportunities. 

Surrey's GMP-D platform is also suitable for non-geostationary communications and navigation applications. Its first flight was as GIOVE-A, Europe's first GNSS satellite, launched in 2005 and still performing well, having exceeded its mission lifetime by four years. 



2000–3000 kg Transfer Orbit

Surrey is developing a new cost-effective telecommunications satellite under the name GMP (Geostationary Minisatellite Platform), currently capable of accommodating payloads of up to 32 transponders requiring up to 3.5 kW of power, and being enhanced to accommodate up to 44 transponders/4.5 kW of power.

The GMP-T offers a highly cost-effective solution to your operational needs, combining Surrey's heritage reliability and rapid delivery with flexible payload capacity and launch opportunities. The platform has been designed to maximize capacity and performance and accommodates either industry standard or custom-built payloads.

Key Platform Characteristics 


Mission Lifetime
up to 15 years
Payload power available
3–4.5 kW
Payload mass accommodation
250-450 kg
Delivery schedule
24–36 months


GMP-T Datasheet