Systems & Services

Ground Segment

As part of its unique mission prime contracting experience, Surrey can offer customers a complete turnkey ground segment solution providing all the hardware and software necessary to operate, maintain, process, and archive data from Surrey spacecraft.  

Surrey has significant experience in this area and has installed more than 20 systems in locations across the world.  We can also provide operations training and ongoing support throughout the mission lifetime.

Download the Ground Segment Solutions datasheet

Mission Control Center and Ground Station

This is a complete system for TT&C and payload data retrieval from Surrey spacecraft utilizing Surrey-produced software for command and control. We have various ground station options available:

  • S and X-band systems
  • Tracking antennae systems – 3 m to 7.3 m. Heated and radome options available
  • Surrey netcentric communications racks allow ground stations to be located away from mission control centers
  • Surrey minirack systems integrate with existing or customer-furnished ground station infrastructures

Mission Planning System

This allows operators to schedule and task the spacecraft efficiently with a minimum number of staff. Operators and payload specialists are able to view satellite passes, providing observation opportunities for specific areas of interest. 

Image Processing and Storage and Archiving

Software systems are supplied to support radiometric and geometric processing of medium-resolution image data, including:

  • Smart-i radiometric data processor
  • Keystone suite of modules
  • Smart-i catalogue

Surrey can provide hard-disk-based data archiving systems sized appropriately for the mission with additional high-capacity tape library backup depending on the customers requirements. 


Surrey can handle all aspects of installation from initial site surveys to establish a suitable environment for the ground segment, through facilities requirements, shipping, installation and final commissioning. 


Full training can be provided to the customer on the operational aspects and basic maintenance of the mission control center, ground station and antenna system. 

Mission Support and Operations

Surrey has accumulated 200 years of in-orbit satellite operations through its fully automated Mission Control Center, monitoring satellites 24 hours a day. Surrey provides a 24/7 help line with back-up operations from our own ground stations in the UK. 


Surrey can provide maintenance support for the ground segment throughout the mission lifetime, including yearly service visits, email and telephone helplines and service and repair by Surrey-qualified engineers.