Earth Observation and Science

Earth Observation Imaging Payloads

Surrey has pioneered the use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) optics for space imaging, producing stunning results at exceptionally low cost. Surrey is able to offer state-of-the art digital imagers for a range of remote sensing applications.


CHRIS Imager

CHRIS imagerA highly versatile hyperspectral system with more than nine years' inflight heritage (Proba-1), offering in-orbit programmable selection of spectral bands location, bandwidth and ground sampling distance. In orbit since 2001 and provides the highest spatial resolution of any hyperspectral system, attracting a substantial international user community.

CHRIS datasheet

VHRI 100 and 250 Imagers

SSTL Very High Resolution Imager on testCompact, very high-resolution, low-power pushbroom imager. Provides high-resolution imagery in 5 wavebands, using five linear detector arrays separated in the along-track direction in the common focal plane of a telescope.

The VHRI 250 imager is flying on NigeriaSat-2.
The VHRI 100 imager is flying on the latest generation SSTL-300S1 platform for the DMC3 Constellation.

VHRI 250 datasheet

Wide Swath DMC Multi Spectral Imager

SSTL DMC imagerMultispectral pushbroom imager with effective sensor length of 27,500 pixels for each of its three separate waveband channels. At an orbital height of 686 km this gives a 600 km swath width for each image.

Flying on UK-DMC2 and NigeriaSat-X.

DMC MSI datasheet