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SST-US Showcases Innovation at GEOINT 2012 Symposium

Every year since 2003 the big names in geospatial intelligence, defense, and homeland security have gathered for America’s largest annual intelligence event—the GEOINT 2012 Symposium, organized by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF).
Talk to Surrey at GEOINT 2012
SST-US will be heading to Orlando, Florida, for the 2012 event, which takes place October 8–11. This year’s presentations and breakout sessions will revolve around the theme “creating the innovation advantage.” National and departmental budget cuts have increased the need for new approaches and game-changing technologies to lower the cost of access to space. This is at the heart of everything we do: Surrey has over 25 years of heritage in leveraging the best technologies to create highly capable, but lower cost, satellites.

Sample SSTL-300 S1 imageVisitors to our booth can meet our team who will be showcasing many of our latest innovations for cost-effective geospatial intelligence gathering. One such innovative technology is our SSTL-300 S1 platform. We’ll be giving briefings on this new sub-meter imaging system, which is suitable for rapid-response surveillance, security, and urban mapping applications. Incredibly, it is now possible to build a three-satellite constellation of these sub-meter resolution satellites for around $160 million, including launch and insurance costs. The first constellation of S1 satellites is already under construction for launch in 2014.

Just published in MilSatMagazine: Read the interview with CEO John Paffett on the application of small satellites in the geospatial intelligence market.

Our team will also be exhibiting our low-cost radar technology NovaSAR. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is ideal for consistent imaging of a target area in all weather, day and night. By leveraging new highly efficient amplifier technology, Surrey is able to offer 6-meter and 30-meter resolution SAR imagery for a price similar to traditional optical missions, removing a significant barrier to the use of radar imaging.

NovaSAR - low cost radarRecent advances in our Earth imaging sensors and satellite technology are already delivering in-orbit results on the 300 kg NigeriaSat-2 mission. Launched in 2011, and delivering 2.5-meter resolution images for under $30 million, this highly agile system is able to acquire images of several targets in one orbit and produce contiguous stereoscopic image pairs. As well its 2.5-meter panchromatic imager, NigeriaSat-2 also delivers 5-meter multispectral resolution imaging capability, providing true-color 4-band data for applications such as land use, environment, and vegetation analysis.

Maritime domain awareness is another area of increasing interest and importance. Surrey launched exactView-1 for exactEarth in July 2012 and has overseen a very successful activation phase. The exactView-1 satellite is part of exactEarth's advanced vessel monitoring satellite constellation and will provide near real-time Automatic Identification System (AIS) data on the locations, speeds, and routes of vessels for maritime security.

We believe that space doesn’t have to be expensive, and we’ve proved it in our 39 previous missions, providing highly capable satellites for a fraction of the cost in rapid timeframes. For more insight into how Surrey’s innovations can provide advantages for geospatial intelligence applications, contact us to arrange a meeting, or visit us at Booth 221 at GEOINT 2012!


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