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OTB Payload Profile: RadMon to Measure Radiation in Low-Earth Orbit

The concept behind Surrey’s Orbital Test Bed (OTB) missions is to cost-effectively space-qualify new equipment and generate in-orbit data that can’t be collected by any other means. While the first OTB satellite will host payloads for several clients, the spacecraft will also carry experimental components built and operated by Surrey to help us better plan future missions and evolve our product.

As the first in a series of blogs describing OTB’s payloads, we showcase the radiation sensor, or RadMon.

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06 October 20140 Comments0 Comments

The Smallsat and Hosted Payload Phenomenon, Changing the Face of the Satellite Industry

Surrey has been at the forefront of pioneering small satellite and hosted payload solutions for three decades, and while hosted payloads and smallsats offer different trade-offs, they both offer attributes mission planners are looking for: mission flexibility, lower costs, less risk, faster time to orbit, and reduced operational and technical complexity.

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15 October 20140 Comments0 Comments