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Hosted Payloads: Sharing Resources and Cutting Costs

The hosted payload concept is stimulating a lot of interest at the moment and is being recognized as a way of cutting the cost of space missions and increasing opportunities to get payloads into orbit. While dedicated spacecraft will continue to be designed and built, hosting payloads on commercial spacecraft is becoming an important element in the long-term strategy of government departments to ensure regular, low-risk, and cost-effective orbit delivery for a wide variety of sensors, instruments, and equipment.

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16 October 20120 Comments0 Comments

Hosted Payload Pioneered Internet in Space

As a Surrey Blog reader your device is talking to our webserver via the Internet.  We take the Internet for granted every day in our work and social lives, but it’s a victim of its own success: The original Internet’s 4 billion addresses are exhausted, and the new IPv6 protocol is expanding the available space to 340 trillion trillion trillion, but what if the Internet could go further? What if it could work in space?

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30 October 20120 Comments0 Comments