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OTB Blog Series: Integration Has Begun

In 2013, the Surrey US team moved into a shiny new building in Englewood, Colorado, that includes 2,700 square feet allocated to manufacturing, integration, and testing. Soon after our announcement that the Orbital Test Bed (OTB) would be the first flight spacecraft integrated in this new facility, our team began transforming the undeveloped space into a clean room that is capable of supporting spacecraft manufacturing and assembly, integration, and test activities. In preparation for OTB, the cleanroom was framed in, HVAC and electrical were incorporated, and the entire room was scrubbed top to bottom.

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12 March 20150 Comments0 Comments

This Is What the Spacecraft of the Future Will Look Like

The Surrey team is currently in Washington, D.C., at the Satellite 2015 Conference and Exhibition, which is the largest forum for end-users and solution providers of satellite communications technology.

While there is naturally a strong satellite communications focus at this conference, it is evolving into an event which brings together a diverse range of satellite industry professionals and organizations. Many of the themes for this year’s conference forum sessions reflect the trend towards “small satellites, big business,” and the growth of associated services and innovative business models such as hosted payloads.

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18 March 20150 Comments0 Comments

OTB Blog Series: Deorbit Tethers...a Little Push from the Space Environment to Return Home Safely

Imagine this: you are driving on the Interstate in rush hour traffic with a lane all to yourself, and a law states that you must remain in your lane for the duration of your trip. If you had the means to never break this rule, you could go as far as you wanted, at the highest speed possible, and arrive at your destination in the shortest time—safely and consistently. This, of course, assumes that there are no other people in your lane.

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23 March 20150 Comments0 Comments