About SST-US

Surrey Approach

Surrey has pioneered the low-cost, low-risk approach to delivering operational satellite missions within short timescales and with appropriate capability.

Heritage designs, commercial off-the-shelf technology, combined with a common sense and pragmatic approach to manufacture and low-cost operations, enable us to ensure that program economics are kept as low as realistically possible.

Professional and affordable solutions

Our approach focuses on the experience gained from previous missions. Every new project is evolved from our flight-proven designs, enabling us to provide custom-designed solutions with ultimate confidence founded on in-orbit performance.

Realizing commercial business plans

Mission performance has improved in line with technology developments, allowing small satellites to deliver real-world applications at affordable cost, making viable commercial business plans a reality.

Today's small satellite solutions can compete in capability across a range of applications. Groups of small satellites operating as a constellation can undertake missions which large single spacecraft are unable to fill.  

Best delivery schedules in the world

Surrey has a reputation for delivering to short schedules and within tight budgets. The GIOVE-A mission for the European Space Agency was designed, built, and launched within 30 months, on a fixed priced contract.

Vertically integrated projects

We offer the most cost-effective solutions by dictating schedule across all our satellite projects and by designing and building the complete system in-house:

  • Reducing size of supply chain
  • Allowing rapid schedules
  • Enhancing flexibility
  • Using Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) technologies
  • Saving costs